I am interested in great work.
I am interested in integrity.
I am interested in achieving.
I want to grow through challenge.
I believe in loyality and commitment.
I am forever enthusiatic
and blessed with endless energy.
I am artistic, ironic, intelligent, autodidactic, amusing, amiable
and unassuming.

I'm Dusty.

Nice to meet you.


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Columbia, South Carolina
Augusta, Georgia


About Me

    I've been a professional designer, writer, photographer, technophile and dog lover for more than 20 years. I've logged a lotta time in advertising, marketing and publishing to build a varied and awesome career. I'm also a nerd, a digital diva, an online presence, a real life lurker, and an idealistic dreamer since I could put together a thought. I have the knowledge, skills and talent that make a complete package. I possess limitless enthusiasm to make projects successful and fun.

    Complete Current Resume (PDF)


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